Our history

In the challenging year 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and great challenges, Chakkana was born, a jewelry brand with a clear purpose: to offer exclusive designs that would reach the hearts of the target audience. With a bold vision and a passionate team, Chakkana embarked on an exciting journey to bring the beauty and charm of her creations to every corner.

From the beginning, Chakkana stood out for its unique pieces, which combined elegance with a touch of modernity. Each jewel told a story, capturing the essence of those who wore it. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, the brand quickly gained the loyalty of its customers, becoming a benchmark in the world of jewelry.

However, as time passed and Chakkana grew, the brand began to feel the need for something more. A desire emerged to deepen its connection with people, to transcend beyond being just a fashion brand. It was then, in the year 2023, when Chakkana gave way to PURALMA , a transformation destined to reach its maximum potential and connect with its true essence.

PURALMA represented more than just jewelry; It was a means to connect souls through their creations. Each piece was not only beautiful on the outside, but also resonated with a deeper meaning, destined to touch the hearts of those who wore them. From necklaces that symbolized inner strength to rings that represented togetherness and love, each PURALMA piece of jewelry was an expression of authenticity and connection.

With its new identity, PURALMA continued to dazzle the market with its innovative designs and commitment to excellence. But what really set the brand apart was its focus on the human soul, on the search for inner beauty and emotional connection. Through inspiring campaigns and its presence in main local fairs in the city of Medellín, PURALMA became much more than a jewelry brand; it became a symbol of authenticity and empowerment.

Today, PURALMA continues to light the way with its exceptional creations and inspiring message. Each piece of jewelry is an invitation to explore the true meaning of beauty and human connection, reminding us that, in a world full of change and challenges, what really matters is what is inside us.