Intellectual property

Your Unique Style, Our Protected Creation

We want to share with you how we take care of every sparkle we create and protect the unique charm of our creations. Here we explain how intellectual property applies to our jewelry and accessories.

1. Copyright (Law 23 of 1982, Article 2): Each PURALMA design is a work of art and is protected by copyright. This means that every detail, from our classic jewelry to the most daring, is a unique expression of creativity and is legally protected.

2. Distinctive Signs (Law 23 of 1982, Article 136): Our name, logo and any other distinctive sign of PURALMA are registered and protected. These elements are the signature that guarantees the authenticity of our products and distinguishes us in the world of fashion and jewelry.

3. Industrial Designs (Law 29 of 1944, Article 68): The designs of our jewelry and accessories are unique and protected by industrial property rights. This ensures that every piece you choose from PURALMA is a true exclusive masterpiece.

4. Responsible Use (Law 23 of 1982, Article 5): We encourage you to enjoy and share our creations, but we ask that you respect our intellectual property rights. Prevent unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of our jewelry and accessories.

5. Creative Collaborations (Law 23 of 1982, Article 33): At PURALMA, we value creative collaborations. If you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and let's make magic together.

Thank you for being part of the PURALMA story, where each jewel tells a unique story. If you have any questions about our intellectual property rights or any other concerns, our team is here for you.

Last update date: January 18, 2024

We invite you to explore, enjoy and be part of the authenticity of PURALMA.